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March 14, 2007


6-2, 5-7, 7-6

An interview with:


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Shahar, please.

Q. What are the adjustments you made from the first set to the second?
SHARAR PEER: I think first set was very bad. I didn't -- I don't know how many percentage of first serve I had, but it was very little. And she took -- she was dictating from the first ball of the point, each point, and I was just putting maybe a little bit more first serves, trying to make her move a little bit and tried to take control of the point.

Q. When she was serving for the match in the third set, you were able to break her. At that point, did you think you had the momentum of the match?
SHARAR PEER: Yeah, kind of. I mean, and after I won the 5-all to 6-5, for me, because I did feel she was a little bit shaking, I felt, and I was playing better, but she was serving very well at 6-5. I mean, the whole match she was serving unbelievable, and especially in the tiebreak. She have -- she put so many first serves, so it was hard to break her every time.

Q. And then, what, you were up 5-3 in the tiebreaker and then she kind of took control. From your perspective, kind of what happened there in those final four points in the match?
SHAHAR PEER: So 5-3 was good point. I mean, I missed my backhand, which was stupid. But 5-4, she served two first serve, like, I don't know, at 5-4, somebody told me it was good, my forehand that they called out. So I have to see on the tape.
But she was serving first two first serves, and these two points, and at 6-5, I was just pushing the ball actually after I hit a good serve. So I was just pushing my forehand after.

Q. What's your assessment of your performance here this week in the tournament?
SHARAR PEER: What is what, sorry?

Q. Your assessment of your play this week at the tournament.
SHARAR PEER: I mean, I had had a good tournament. I mean, three good players, especially the last two rounds, and almost got through the semifinals. So I have to look at the good part of it. I mean, I was playing well. Next time I will learn from this match and hope to pass the quarter final.

Q. Please tell me a little bit more about your working relationship with Jose Higueras, fantastic player once upon a time, great coach, brought lots of champions up. Do you visit him at the Palm Springs home? Do you hit there? Did you meet the family?
SHARAR PEER: Yeah, I meet him last year in -- after Amelia Island, and since then, I'm working with him. Now it's more intensive. I come here more. I did like the preseason here, and I came before the U.S. Open Series, and after the U.S. Open, I came here a week before the tournament and I tried to come as much as I can.

Q. Do you like it in Palm Springs?
SHARAR PEER: Yeah, I mean it's nice. It's good weather and everything is very relaxed, which is different for me from Israel.

Q. Did he shows you the horses?

Q. He goes and rides the horses, did you?
SHAHAR PEER: Yeah, I saw, I saw his --

Q. You met whole family, his wife?

Q. -- daughter of the legendary mayor of Palm Springs?
SHARAR PEER: Yeah, I met the mayor, yeah.

Q. Did you like the guy?
SHARAR PEER: Yeah, he's very special. I was impressed of him. He's very intelligent. We couldn't believe he's that old. He doesn't look like and he doesn't act like. He's very smart man.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you very much.

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