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March 16, 2007


7-5, 4-6, 6-1

An interview with:


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Na Li, please.
Q. It appeared that the break after the second set really changed your momentum and your game wasn't the same when you came back, especially because you'd been playing very well at the end of the second. Was it the heat or was it loss of momentum?
NA LI: You mean the final set?

Q. Final set, yes.
NA LI: I mean, you know, final set start, actually because I know I was a little bit tired. I just want to hit a lot of winner, because I didn't want play a lot in the court. I want to hit, like, one or two good shots and then finish the point. So but I miss a lot.
And after three games, I think, "Okay. All you can do." Nothing you do. Always miss. And then she never miss. She win all the points, yeah.

Q. How disappointing is it to lose the match on two double faults? Is it disappointing, the two double faults at the end?
NA LI: Yeah.

Q. Is it disappointing to lose that way?
NA LI: I don't want to put double fault to end in the match, but I don't know why. I can't serve in the court, yeah.

Q. She was taking a long time at the end between points.
NA LI: Mm-hmm.

Q. Did that bother you or is it okay?
NA LI: It's okay for me, yeah, because if I play, like, long point, I would like her, take a long time to break and then play the next point, yeah.

Q. I think you're the first Chinese to reach semifinal of a Tier I or a Grand Slam tournament. When you look back, do you feel it's been a positive tournament for you?
NA LI: Yeah, of course. You know, I was second time to play Indian Wells, so I got semifinals this year. If I play -- the next tournament, I go Miami, so more practice for me to play Miami or tournament, yeah.

Q. How did that heat affect you, because you had to take a break? Was it difficult to play in the heat?
NA LI: It's okay. Yeah, it's okay.

Q. But you took a break and then you came back and then --
NA LI: Yeah, I mean, on the ten-minute break, I think more time. Yeah, maybe just rest ten minutes and then come to court hot, because I think about the weather was hot, so the weather was more hot.

Q. So you felt more tired today?
NA LI: Yeah, I think, okay, I tired from my legs, so I think my legs was more heavy, yeah.

Q. What lessons do you think you learned about your tennis game from this match? What lessons will you take?
NA LI: What do you mean "lesson"?

Q. Learn. What did you learn from this match?
NA LI: Oh, okay. For me, I didn't control the point for this match. Because, I mean, I hit a lot of winner, but I have a lot of miss in the court. So I give opponent lot free points. So maybe she think, "Okay. If I serve to her, just I can win easy point, yeah."

Q. I didn't see the first set, end of the set, end of the second set. You didn't seem to have a coach there. Did you have a coach there with you today?
NA LI: Yeah, I have.

Q. Did he come out and talk to you after the first set?
NA LI: No, I didn't say for the coach, because I want to try for myself. I want to play myself, yeah. Because for this tournament, I didn't sign for the coach. But my coach was watch play every match, yeah.

Q. I think you were speaking to your husband or your coach in Chinese. What were you saying?
NA LI: I saw "Ha, always miss" (Laughing).

Q. Next time you're playing in such heat, maybe it would be a good idea not to think of the heat. You say I think the weather was hot, so the weather was more hot, so forget it.
NA LI: Yes, and if I play hot weather, I think, okay it's cold.

Q. What was the difference, do you think, between your serving in the second set and the third set, because you served a lot better in the second set?
NA LI: Yeah, because I say, because I come to court, I feel my legs was heavy, so I can't jump, hit big serve, yeah.

Q. During the break, did you drink a lot of water or what did you do during the ten-minute break?
NA LI: I was sitting in golf cart and drink a lot of Gatorade.

Q. Just one whole bottle?
NA LI: No, just small bottle, yeah.

Q. You're very close to making top 10. Do you think about that or not?
NA LI: I think every player, they want top 10, but you need -- I mean, you need hard work, play a good tournament. I mean, I would try to play good tournament. I try my best already. I lose the matches. Okay. I can play next one or I can come next year. So I will learn the -- how to get top 10.

Q. Is it difficult to come this close to making the final and then missing or more disappointing?
NA LI: Because now I lose, so I think, "Okay. If I win, I got final." So I can -- I will be -- come back for next year, yeah. I will try next year.

Q. When do you leave for Miami? Today? Tomorrow?
NA LI: I don't know. I didn't buy the flight ticket.

Q. You didn't buy the ticket?
NA LI: I want to go shopping for tomorrow and maybe leave after tomorrow.

Q. Where will you go shopping?
NA LI: They say there is outlet near here.

Q. The what?
NA LI: Outlet, outlet. A lot of Chinese girls, they go yesterday. So I said you shopping for that. So I want to go there.

Q. They make announcement in Chinese.
NA LI: Yeah?

Q. Announcement in the shopping center.
NA LI: Oh yeah? I didn't know that. Okay. I will see tomorrow.

Q. What are you going to buy?
NA LI: Everything, if I like it.

Q. Sounds like you're going to spend the day.
NA LI: Yeah, because, I mean, I play semifinal here, I want to buy some gift for myself, yeah, and play next tournament, yeah.


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