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March 14, 2007

N. LI/V. Zvonareva

6-4, 7-5

An interview with:


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Li Na, please.

Q. That was quite a come-back there in the second set. Can you just talk about how you were able to keep your focus.
NA LI: I know. I was winning the first set, after win first set, I mean, here a little bit loose. But I think, "Okay. I have one set behind my head." But after, I was 5-1 -- I mean, funny, it was 4-1. I was down. Then the chair umpire say, "After second time, you have ten minutes for break."
I said, "Oh, okay." Then I will come to court, and I feel, like, oh, the weather was not hard, it's good for me.

Q. Did you sort of sense that she was tiring or that you were somehow gaining an advantage over her with your forehand?
NA LI: What you mean?

Q. Well, did you -- you obviously had a good rally, but what was -- did you sense that you were sort of taking over the match in the second set? Even though you were down early, you still imagined to fight back.
NA LI: I feeling, I mean, before the three game, I feeling her balls more fast in first set, so I feeling always late I hit. But after 5-1, I mean, I feel the balls come to my side slow, so I didn't know why, so...

Q. In other words, it started to look slow to you in the second set. Does that happen often with you? That's a good thing, right?
NA LI: Yeah.

Q. At one point in the first set, I think you had 14 straight -- you won 14 consecutive points.
NA LI: Not quite, but...

Q. Yeah, I counted it. Can you just talk about -- can you just talk about, you know, when you got on a roll in the first set, do you remember that period in the match?
NA LI: No. Sorry about that.

Q. In the second set, you were down two set points. Do you remember that?
NA LI: Three, right?

Q. Two.
NA LI: Three.

Q. I have two. You were down.
Don't remember?
NA LI: I remember three.

Q. One in one game and two in another.
THE MODERATOR: What did you think?
NA LI: For the?
THE MODERATOR: When you were down.
NA LI: Oh, you know, I was down in set point for her. I think, "Okay. I put the ball back." And then if I put the ball back, I still have chance to play this. If I lose the point, I mean, after ten minutes, you come to court, you didn't know how you can play, yeah.

Q. Now, we have a great Chinese American champion named Michael Chang. Do you know who he is? He's working now with Peng Shuai. What do you think about that?
NA LI: It's not for my question.

Q. But what do you think about it?
NA LI: I mean, maybe good for Peng Shuai, yeah. I mean, good for China tennis.

Q. Do you expect as the Chinese players become better that more coaches from other countries will be helping the Chinese players, do you expect that to continue?
NA LI: I think, yeah. I mean, because now, in China, have a lot of good players, so the Federation, they find a lot of good coach to teach the players. They want the player have good ranking or something.

Q. Can you just talk about your focus for this year. Is your focus on improving your ranking or is your focus on getting ready for the Beijing Olympics?
NA LI: This year I will focus for the -- I mean, if I play this tournament, I will focus for this tournament. If I play Miami, I focus for Miami, yeah.

Q. So you want to improve your ranking this year?
NA LI: Yeah.

Q. You're doing fine, but where is your interpreter today?
NA LI: Interpreter, what do you mean?
THE MODERATOR: She's trying by herself today. She's doing very well.

Q. You're better without the interpreter.
NA LI: I want to try the best English, so I want to myself.

Q. Good. That's good. Do you feel like you're playing your best or can you improve your game some?
THE MODERATOR: Do you think you're playing your best tennis or do you think you can improve?
NA LI: Maybe I can improve. I didn't know which match is my best, but I always try the best.

Q. Which do you think is more difficult?
NA LI: Difficult?

Q. Playing -- which is more difficult for you, mastering English or playing tennis?
NA LI: Master English. No, because English for me was second language, so, yeah.

Q. Your next opponent will either be Hantuchova or Shahar Peer. Can you just talk about those two opponents a little bit.
NA LI: I didn't play Shahar Peer before. I never play her. I play Hantuchova twice in last year. So, you know, I mean, for this woman, every round is top match, so I can't -- I can't say, oh, I will easy to win the match or something. I can't say.

Q. How did you do against Hantuchova?
NA LI: One lose, one win.

Q. One and one?
NA LI: Yeah, one and one.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you very much.

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