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March 16, 2007


6-7, 6-4, 6-1

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THE MODERATOR: Questions for Sybille, please.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about -- well, let's just talk about the first set first and how you won it, and, you know, how you felt after it.
SYBILLE BAMMER: I think today I was a little bit tight from the beginning, so I was making some double faults also in the first set. I was a little bit nervous and a little bit tight, so I was not playing really my game. But I think the first two sets was still okay. And Svetlana, she played great tennis in the third set. She played really good.

Q. Did you have the feeling that if you were going to win it, you were going to have to do it in two sets?
SYBILLE BAMMER: No. I think I'm fitness so strong. I think I could play two more sets. I don't care.

Q. What do you think your performance here this week said about motherhood?
SYBILLE BAMMER: Motherhood. I don't know. For me, it was a great week. It was a great tournament for me. For me, it's the biggest success in my career and I enjoyed playing in Indian Wells.

Q. You talked about the nerves. Is that something to do with the opportunity of getting to the final or a combination of things?
SYBILLE BAMMER: Do you know, I hear it was the first tournament that I beat one top 20 player. And the next day I beat the next top 20 player. And I think the people also need some time to realize -- I don't know the words, the right words -- and it's not easy to keep going on and stay calm and play the game.

Q. Did you do anything special yesterday to relax, like go out with your daughter or read her books or something?
SYBILLE BAMMER: No. We -- I went early to bed and tried to sleep a lot and...

Q. Did you sleep well?
SYBILLE BAMMER: Of course not. The last two, three nights I didn't sleep too much, but it was okay.

Q. When you actually are able to sleep, do you actually ever dream about tennis matches and wins and losses or anything like that?
SYBILLE BAMMER: No, I don't have dreams normally, only sometimes.

Q. What are your plans now? Where do you go from here?
SYBILLE BAMMER: Tomorrow we leave to Miami, Nasdaq -- sorry, Sony Erickson.

Q. So everybody's been asking you about juggling motherhood and tennis. What will happen when she starts going to school?
SYBILLE BAMMER: Yeah, my boyfriend will stay with her most of the time home. And Tina, she can come only in the holiday. But there are a lot of holidays at school. So especially July to September, there are three months. Also Easter holiday and semester holiday. I don't know.

Q. There's no journalist or reporters from Austria here. Do you think after the success over here, they will follow you on the tour?
SYBILLE BAMMER: I don't know. I think now we have a lot of good tennis players in Austria. Also the men's are playing very good and also the women's, Pamela Peschek (phonetic) and Yvonne Muesberger, also play very good. Maybe, I don't know. We will see.

Q. Agnieszka Rodwanska is from Poland. She win in Poland, and since then, in Poland, tennis improve a lot. A lot of people started to play. Have you ever been in Poland? Do you plan to come to Poland?
SYBILLE BAMMER: I played two or three tournaments in Poland. I played 25, and also the WTA tour tournament in Warsaw.

Q. And this year, will you go this year?
SYBILLE BAMMER: I'm not sure. Monday is the entry deadline, so I don't know because I keep playing till Charleston, and then it's the Fed Cup. And maybe I take two weeks off and then start in Berlin.

Q. I was just noticing Tina posing for pictures. Is she always like that or just a special occasion like today?
SYBILLE BAMMER: Most of the time she doesn't like if someone is taking pictures. She gets angry.

Q. Are you going to bring her back next year?

Q. Can you promise to bring her back next year when you come?
SYBILLE BAMMER: I think she cannot come next year because she start school in September, and I think the Easter holidays is two weeks later.

Q. So she usually gets angry if people take her pictures?
SYBILLE BAMMER: Yeah, sometimes.

Q. Can we get your thoughts about tomorrow's final between Kuznetsova and Hantuchova, your thoughts about the final?
SYBILLE BAMMER: I think it will be a very good match and we will see who will win.

Q. Any predictions or who do you think would have the edge?
SYBILLE BAMMER: I think both play really good and I think it could go either way. So the player who is mentally better and physically better tomorrow I think will win.

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