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Paintball: Fastest Growing Extreme Sports Today

17/04/2019 - By Leo Melrose

Almost seven decades ago, particularly in the year 1950, a company called the Nelson Paint Company made the first ever most accurate paintball gun that was intended for a particular forestry service use in marking trees from a distance. Paintball was also created for the use of the cattlemen so that they can easily mark their cows and some other animals. In the year 1970, two adventurous friends who reside in the woods of Henniker, New Hampshire, became very creative and decided to use the said paintballs in a game of survival which eventually pave the way of the birth of the paintball sport.

The Fastest Growing Extreme Sport

Fast forward today, paintball is already considered as the fastest growing extreme sport after it was created as a recreational sport several years ago. The game has also evolved through the years with several variations and different types of paintball games were designed to create more excitement and adventure. As a game, expert says that paintball is a combination of playing chess and the hide-and-seek game while adding a dose of your adrenaline rush during the game itself.

Paintball is a strategy game in which players pretend to be at the forefront of a real war. Players are divided into teams or groups and need to complete a mission or objective to be able to win the game just like a real war. Paintball players also wear uniforms similar to soldiers in a war as they also carry weapons and engage in a heated battle against their opponents. Unlike a real war, players in the game use paintballs instead of bullets where it explodes due to the impact as it splashes the players with paint dye once they are hit.

Rules of the Game

The rules of paintball, as a game, are very simple and easy. All the players need to eliminate each other by hitting their enemies or opponents using the gun which uses the paintball as a bullet. Once a player is hit, the paintball leaves a mark to any part of the player’s body as he is eliminated in the game. The objective is to complete the mission and kill all the enemy.  

To be able to win the game, players need to have teamwork and a well-organized plan. They must work together and come up with the best strategy to defeat their competitor. The best strategy is to have good communication and a sound game plan combining it with teamwork in order to win.

Where to play the game?

Today, because of its popularity, it is easy to find a place where you can play a game of paintball. The presence of many paintball parks in several countries makes it easier for paintball enthusiasts to play the sport. There are also several outdoor and indoor paintball centers that are accepting players for a fee. Most of these places offer several amenities including lockers, bathrooms, equipment and uniform rentals, and even food service. 


Critics of paintball have said that the sport is brutal and promotes war. However, playing the sport will also give you a lot of upsides including physical and mental benefits to our body. Give it a try and see it for yourself; you’ll definitely love the thrill and enjoy the bond you’d get from your teammates.

Fattest Athletes in Sports History

08/04/2019 - By Leo Melrose

It’s a pretty common trait for athletes to have fit and toned muscles due to frequent usage of their extremities. Extraneous trainings and PhenQ Reviews have gradually transformed their muscles from saggy to fit, which is important for lighter and more flexible body.  While it’s a usual sight for everyone to see athletes sporting a 6-pack abs and evenly tight muscles, not all athletes have this kind of body structure.

It may seem shocking, but there are obese athletes that have actually made a name for themselves in the sports world. Some individuals may have doubted their capacity in keeping up with the game with those extra pounds, but these chubby players know how to stay in line with other players. However, other athletes may simply have neglected their weight, hence acquiring more fats.

Here are some of the fattest athletes ever recorded in sports history:

  1. David Wells

Albeit hailed as fat, this remarkable pitcher from the New York Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays has certainly proved to everyone that weight isn’t a hindrance to playing baseball like a star. At 6’4” and 225 lbs, David Wells was able to pitch the 15th perfect game in the entire baseball history.

  1. Buster Douglas

James “Buster” Douglas, a former professional boxer, has certainly shaken the entire boxing fans after defeating the best boxer in the world, Mike Tyson. Held in Tokyo on the 11th of February 1990, Buster changed the game for himself by snatching the undisputed heavyweight title from Mike Tyson.

After acquiring the title, however, Buster started to neglect his weight that led him to his defeat against Evander Holyfield. His weight during that time was recorded to be 300 lbs.

  1. Oliver Miller

Oliver Miller is a former professional basketball player who is known for his 6’9” height and over 300 lbs. weight, thus the title “Big O”. He was notably famous for his center and good passing skills in the NBA, yet he was also negatively known for his weight problems that reduced his agility and stamina.

Miller was infamous for being late at a practice while carrying a bag of McDonalds, which ended his career. Another issue arouse in 2011 when he was arrested for allegedly hitting a man with a pistol in Maryland.

  1. John Daly

Apart from being famous for golfing, John Patrick Daly is also notable for his rough personal life. This 5’11”, almost 300 lbs. golf player from the United States is known for his “zero to hero” win in the 1991 PGA Championship and 1995 Open Championship against Constantino Rocca.

Losing weight is one of the changes noted in Daly after undergoing a lap-band surgery back in the year 2009. He lost almost half of his original weight after the said procedure.


It may be common to see athletes with well-toned body through trainings and exercises, but there really are famous names in the sports scene who have made it to the top despite all the weight they’ve gained. And they should be an inspiration to anyone looking to make it to the sports field as well. 

How to Dress Like an Athlete

09/04/2019 - By Leo Melrose

Each of us has different preferences with regard to the style of our clothes and appearance. Some people like it simple while others want it stylish and a little bit complicated. There are individuals who prefer to start a business with heat press machine while others want the same with big showroom. Similarly here are some who like the more complex and sophisticated fashion style. For active people who are always on the go, a sporty style is the best option.

Dressing in a sporty look only requires simple and basic items to make it perfect. It does not need to be expensive at all. In fact, a simple printed sporty wardrobe made from local t-shirt printing machines can be used for you to have a sporty and athletic appearance. For more information, this article will give you several tips on how to dress like an athlete.

Always Use Athletic Gears

If you want to dress like an athlete, sports and athletic gears should always be present in your look. Items such as tracksuits, basketball shorts, workout t-shirts, tennis skirts, and other similar items are your primary clothing choices. You can have the option to wear a full athletic wardrobe completely or combine your athletic shirts with other garments and dresses and still look sporty.

Choose Athletic and Sporty Clothes That Make You Feel Comfortable

Professional athletes only wear athletic clothing that is comfortable and relaxing for them. And this basic principle should also apply to you. Having an active lifestyle requires you to move around more often, making it necessary to use comfortable and relaxing sports garments. Always select loose and stretchy dresses while opting out sports dresses that limit your movement.     

Wear Items from Your Favorite Sporting Brands

This is the easiest and quickest way to dress like an athlete. If you like to wear apparels from famous sporting brands such as Nike, Adidas, Underarmour, and other similar brands, then you can easily increase the level of your athletic appearance by wearing items from these brands. You can always choose to wear a single brand from head to toe or you can mix and match depending on what you like.

Make Hoodies and Jackets Your Favorite Attire

Wearing athletic hoodies and jackets symbolizes an athletic and sporty person. In fact, having these garments in your collection will give you a much easier time to have an athletic and sporty getup. You can have the option to buy hoodies from your favorite sports teams or jackets from your favorite varsity team in school. 

Always Add Accessories in Your Look

Dressing like an athlete means stocking up several accessories that will bring your appearance to a whole new level. Sunglasses and caps are essential items that you can use to add more meaning to your appearance. You can also invest in several pairs of athletic shoes and sneakers in different styles and colors that should match your wardrobe collection. Using a gym bag instead of the regular backpack will also add to your sporting appearance.

Dressing like an athlete and having a sporty look can be easy and doesn’t need to be expensive. All you have to do is be creative and follow the tips above to have a more athletic and sporty appearance. 

How Mobile Ticketing Works

07/04/2019 - By Leo Melrose

A few years back, getting tickets for concerts, plays or movies was quite challenging. There were quite a few hassles that came with it like waiting in a long queue and tickets being sold out before you could even buy. Now, with the advancement of technology, buying tickets has been made so much easier and accessible – much like shopping for Graphic T-shirts for men in India or phone accessories. So what exactly is mobile ticketing and how does it work?

What Is Mobile Ticketing?

Mobile ticketing is a way for people to buy tickets using their mobile phones anytime and anywhere. It is not to be confused with e-ticketing, in which tickets will be sent to the buyer’s e-mail address and will most probably need to be printed out.

How Does It Work?

You can buy a ticket that you want and need for a concert, a play, a game, and many other events from online ticketing websites. There will be no need for you to print the ticket out because a code, mostly known as QR code, will be sent to your mobile phone, and that same code will be scanned at the gates of the event for confirmation.

What Are The Steps In Buying Mobile Tickets?

Find A Reliable Ticketing Website.

The first step, of course, would be to find a ticketing website that also offers mobile ticketing.  It’s very easy as you would only have to order the ticket and select the “mobile ticketing” option for the delivery.

Find A Good Mobile Ticketing App.

Now, if you frequently buy mobile tickets, having a good mobile ticketing app might be the better option for you. This way, you won’t have to put in the necessary information over and over again every time you buy tickets. Here are some of the best mobile ticketing apps:

  • Accelevents
  • ThunderTix
  • Eventbee
  • TicketLeap
  • Eventjoy
  • Ticketbud
  • Eventbrite

Fill Out The Information Needed.

Information like your mobile number, carrier and payment option will be some of the information that you will have to provide in order to purchase a mobile ticket successfully. Ticketing website will have to know these things, together with your personal information such as your name, to make sure that they deliver the mobile ticket to the right buyer.

Receive The Code.

While buying products like mobile covers online will have your purchased product brought to your doorsteps, mobile tickets will go straight to your mobile device. The ticket would be in the form of either a QR code, if your phone can receive such, or an alphanumeric code. Like stated earlier, there will be no need to print these out.

Have It Scanned.

The moment you arrive at the venue, you will only need to show the code to the gate where they have a device to scan the code on your phone. If you have the alphanumeric code instead, they will have to manually enter the code to their system.

Buying tickets has never been more convenient with mobile ticketing. It compares to shopping for clothes, accessories, appliances, or mobile accessories such as mobile covers online. With only a few clicks, you get to attend that fun-filled event you have always wanted to go to – one that’s stress-free and hassle-free.

How Athletes Do Detox

27/03/2019 - By Leo Melrose

Detoxing has become popular nowadays. It is usually associated with juice cleanses that are made with various fruits and vegetables. Most people do detox diets to lose weight or stay fit. Detox programs by Marijuana101 vary from person to person. It all comes down to the set goals and needs. A program set for one person may or may not apply to another person. It is important to personalize your detox program as you are more in tune with your body and know what it can handle.

Athletes do detox programs too if they need to cut weight to reach certain body measurements or be in preparation for an athletic event.

What Do Athletes Consume During a Detox?

When an athlete decides to undergo a detox program, he avoids eating solid foods and substitute them with liquids. These liquids include water, vegetables blended into soups, protein shakes, and raw juices. It can be noted that the ones listed above may be low in calories for some which are important to customize the detox to the person’s needs.

Blended Vegetable Soup

Everyone knows that soups can be hearty which can easily fill up one’s stomach. You can cook your favorite vegetable into a warm bowl of soup without the worry of gaining weight because of its low calorie and high fiber content.

Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are known to be used by athletes to easily attain the amount of protein they need. Mixing frozen or fresh fruits and dairy or non-dairy milk helps add vitamins to the drink. Not all protein powders are made the same, so it is important to check the label on the packaging to know how much protein is in one drink.

Raw Juices

This is similar to the blended vegetable soup except that it is in juice form. Raw juices contain various vegetables and fruits without added preservatives or sweeteners. As fruits and vegetables have sucrose, nature’s sugar, drinking raw juice can give you that energy to power through a workout.

Detox Plan

Now that you know what is consumed during a detox, it is important to know what to drink and when to drink it. Planning out your detox gives you flow on what to follow in order to not lose important vitamins.

You can space out your diet by implementing some factors such as drinking water every two hours. In between those two hours, you can decide whether you drink a protein shake, raw juice, or vegetable soup. It would be good to also put in the type of exercise you do and the drink accompanied by it. The plan is totally customizable to your needs.

Here is an example of a detox plan in the morning:

7:00 AM - raw juice

8:00 AM - 0.5 L of water + light cardio

9:00 AM - protein shake

10:00 AM - 0.5 L of water

Following a detox plan is a great way for athletes to attain a certain goal set for themselves. If you are an athlete, hopefully, this article has equipped you on how to do a detox plan. Do not forget to always consult your doctors before committing to a detox plan.

What Is The Proper Tennis Attire?

09/02/2019 - By Leo Melrose

Tennis attire for both men and women has changed significantly over the years. Nowadays, there are so many brands competing to offer a range of high-quality tennis clothes that look good and help players perform better. Last month, review by ReviewingThis helped me choosing the right tennis apparel also eliminates discomforts and distractions and maximizes performance. Here are some guidelines on how to choose the perfect tennis attire.

Tennis Apparel for Men

A t-shirt is mostly worn by men when playing tennis. When choosing a t-shirt, it is wise to avoid one that is 100% cotton as it tends to retain sweat. Nowadays, most tennis shirts are mainly made from synthetic materials which make you feel cooler but do not retain the sweat like cotton. They are also light and comfortable and enhance movement.

Most men playing tennis pair tennis t-shirts with a pair of tennis shorts. Tennis shorts are more preferable than other types of shorts since they are made of moisture-wicking materials and allow ease of movement. Most private courts and country courts do not allow long pants and other types of shorts, so it’s ideal to wear shorts that are specially made for tennis.

Tennis Apparel for Women

Female tennis players can choose to wear shorts, tennis skirts or dresses. The primary concern for most women is comfort and flexibility. These outfits are structured with lightweight materials, allowing players to move freely and perform without distractions.

Women can choose to pair their skirts and shorts with tank tops with built-in shelf bras for more comfort. They also need to find sports bras that are made of comfortable and breathable materials and provide support. If you choose to wear a skirt or dress, it is only practical that you wear a ball clip on the waistband.


Tennis involves a lot of running and changing of movements. Hence, it is vital that you chose quality tennis shoes that can handle the pressure and provide foot stability. It is unwise to buy shoes for other types of sports as they may not offer the agility required to play in a tennis court. Shoes made specifically for playing tennis provide support for the player’s feet as their body moves back and forth and from side to side.

Some key factors to keep in mind when buying tennis shoes involve durability, comfort, support, and ventilation. Select durable tennis court shoes that will be able to withstand heavy use and abuse. Your game style and the surface you play on are other important factors to keep in mind when choosing tennis footwear.

Begin by looking for tennis shoes that are a perfect fit for your foot type – whether high arch foot, low arch foot or neutral arch foot. Some payers need great ankle support and this can be achieved with a brace.


There are different accessories designed for tennis players to offer them more protection when playing. For instance, sweatbands on the wrist can come in handy for wiping perspiration from the forehead and preventing sweat from reaching the eyes while playing. Some players also wear caps, hats, visors or sunglasses to protect their eyes.

When playing tennis, it is very important for players to choose the right outfit. Both men and women who play tennis should not only strive to look good in court but also look for comfortable clothes that will help them perform better. Players can also hire a personal stylist to help them with their tennis outfit.

Tennis Players Who Had Plastic Surgery

05/02/2019 - By Leo Melrose

Plastic surgery is a procedure of reconstructing one’s body part or parts with the aim of either perfecting their looks or improving their performance. As per the report by PracticeBloom, Many tennis players have undergone plastic surgery, but only a few bring it to the spotlight of the general public. With the unending interviews and public appearances, most players opt to have their appearances improved to boost their self-esteem.

Why Female Tennis Players Are Queueing For Plastic Surgery

The majority of female tennis players are undergoing plastic surgery to improve their facial appearance, breast size, and also their butts. According to a report from medical professions, female tennis players mostly get breast surgeries to reduce their breast sizes as the game requires players to have a fast flight. Players need to run back and forth and from left to right as they hit the ball. This results in the need to reduce their breast size in a move to improve their performance.

World Tennis Players Who Had Plastic Surgery

The following are the world’s famous female tennis players who have had plastic surgery:

Simona Halep

Simona Halep is the world’s best-rated number 5 tennis player. At the age of 17, she underwent a breast reduction surgery and had her breast size reduced from 34DD to 34C. Before, her ever-increasing breast size prevented her from performing well in tennis. She often got a lot of back pain caused by oversized breasts. After the breast reduction surgery, Simona has perfected her performance well.

Apart from that, she has improved her appearance due to the current small sized breast that’s appealing to all. With her male fan base expanding, she found it necessary to improve her looks. She admits that even if she was not a tennis player, she would still have undergone through the procedure. The 22-year-old Romanian tennis player has improved well, thanks to the marketing for plastic surgery.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams is also a leading female tennis player. She underwent a rhinoplasty surgery to improve her nasal appearance as she wanted her face to look better in front of her fans. However, rumors indicate that she had other plastic surgeries like breast augmentations, but she hasn’t spoken of it.

Samantha Stosur

Samantha Stosur is the world’s best female number one in doubles and number four in singles tennis play. Despite her not making it public, rumors trending suggest that she underwent breast reduction surgery. Her breasts are said to have reduced in size, but she has kept silent on the issue.

Petra Kvitova

The tennis player has undergone plastic surgery on his left hand. According to sources, this happened after he was attacked by a thug.

The above players going for plastic surgery show that there is nothing to be embarrassed about getting plastic surgery. Nowadays, the procedure has become common to the majority because of the increased number of professional surgeons who do offer quality services.

How to Solve Golf Courses Security Problems

22/01/2019 - By Leo Melrose

With the riots recently making a major impact on various parts of the world, the topic about security has once again come into focus. Account to a popular Verified check services here, Private institutions and premises, both residential and commercial, do have every right to feel protected, and this should also be applied to wide spaces like golf courses across the world. Almost all of the golf courses come across a lot of trespassers, troublemakers, as well as vandals which are quite difficult to deal with. Thus, they too have security problems they need to address.

Security Issues in a Golf Course

Golf courses may have come up with different security solutions, depending on how wide their vicinity is. However, regardless of location and layout, the following are the common problems faced by golf courses:

Theft of stored materials.

Golf club members would probably store their belongings in the building while they are out to play. So there is a high chance that instances of missing valuable things will occur. Golf equipment like golf balls can also be stolen too by trespassers or teenagers who use them for practice. There are also cases of stolen cars in golf course premises.


When a golf course is out on an urban area, then there’s a high chance that it will be perceived as something like a public park. There are instances that trespassing might occur at night too wherein a group of teenagers may leave vandalism on the wall. Such expansive lawn would also provide opportunities for outdoor activities that may tear up greens and fairways.

Damage by golfers

Golfers may once in a while lose their temper too which can lead them to do wild swings at the benches, tee markers, or anything that is out on the field. That is why, at times, even guests should be verified by a background check.

Security Solutions

Providing security for a golf course is more difficult because you have to deal with unforeseen circumstances and situations beforehand. It can be both time-consuming and expensive. For instance, if security is poor, even a simple vandalism can be problematic enough as it can cost thousands of dollars worth of damages.

  1. When planning for the sake of security, the first thing that will probably come into mind is hiring security staff. But hiring such people is not as easy as what you think. Before hiring staffs, you have to make sure first that they are thoroughly screened. This is to make sure that you wouldn’t hire someone who is actually a threat to the vicinity of the golf course.
  2. Keep some experienced security guards to monitor the grounds of the golf course even when there is a large event ongoing.
  3. Install wireless cameras as well as motion and noise sensors anywhere within the premise, even if it’s random. You should also relocate those security cameras even once in a while to fool possible thieves who might have already pinpointed their location.
  4. Enhance the security for the storage of golf equipment.

Final Thoughts

With the enormity of issues golf clubs deal with, it would be somewhat unfair to put the expectation of their own safety into the golf member’s hands. Sure, there are technologies that can help enhance the security, but without careful planning, this would not be enough. To make sure that all of the members of the golf club as well as its employees are safe, it would be wise for the management of the golf course to leave the matter of security in the hands of the professionals.

What You Need to Know About the Marijuana Insurance Industry

19/01/2019 - By Leo Melrose
Marijuana Insurance Industry

While the marijuana market has been really small due to a lot of countries banning the substance, a lot of countries and states have been slowly legalizing the herb with various conditions and limitations. This is due to its medical benefits if used medicinally rather than recreationally. With the legalization of marijuana, ouchclub.Com and other emerging markets have formed as well such as the marijuana insurance industry.

If you’re interested to know more about the marijuana insurance industry, here are some of the facts from the biggest cannabis insurance company.

Next Wave Insurance

The largest cannabis insurance company in the US is Next Wave Insurance which is headquartered in San Diego. What they do is provide insurance coverages for all marijuana manufacturers and retailers. They have coverages to protect crop planting, cultivation, marijuana labs, and many more. Just like all businesses, marijuana-based businesses will be legally protected from theft, natural disasters, and accidents.

This was to meet the demand for coverage of the growing marijuana market. Since cannabis had been illegal in so many countries in the past, companies that sold hemp-based products had to adhere to the very strict ruling. With the regulations not as strict now, more industries complementing marijuana retailers and manufacturers can also freely come and go.

The Legalities of These Companies

Of course, marijuana usage is still quite sensitive in a lot of states. With that, cannabis insurers also have to tread carefully as to not violate any rules. According to Vicente-Sederberg, a legal firm in Denver, businesses have to be very careful and very precise when it comes to creating their policies due to certain rulings. Founding partner Bryan Vicente also states that insurers would need two licenses: one from the local government and one from the state government.

The difference between getting insurance from the banks and getting insurance from specific insurance providers would be that these providers are actually more understanding toward marijuana companies and were more helpful. Vicente also stated that insurers were getting more and more warmed up to weed-related companies, and they even offered special services to cater to their needs within the line of the law.

So far though, Vicente stated that Next Wave wasn’t having any problems with the regulations especially since former Attorney General Jeff Sessions who wanted the industry to have a detox from marijuana was ousted by Trump. With that, the future of the cannabis insurance industry is still yet to be seen. Currently though, there is much room for insurers to enter to cater to this market.


Since most countries are already opening themselves up to the emerging cannabis markets, you can expect there to be more insurance companies specifying their services to cater to cannabis carriers. That said, cannabis insurance providers still have to be very careful about the laws and regulations regarding offering services to marijuana companies. Since the legalization of marijuana in several states is still pretty recent, insurers can be under fire if they do not tread carefully.

Places to Play Pickleball in California

13/01/2019 - By Leo Melrose

A pickleball is a fun sport which is basically ping pong, tennis, and badminton all bundled into one. The best part is, it’s intended for players of all ages and skill levels. That said, if you’re from California (or are currently staying in California) and want to get Pickleball Paddle Reviews to understand the game, we recommend these following spots you can play on.

Westin Mission Halls

If you’re staying in Rancho Mirage, then the Westin Mission Halls is the best place you can visit to play a game of pickleball. The place comes with two courts, clinics, lessons, and exhibitions. Also, hourly rates start at only $15 per hour if you bring your own equipment or $25 per hour if you want to use theirs.

There’s also a private pickleball lesson which is available for $75 per hour or $40 if you only want a half hour lesson.

Plaza Park

Located in the city of Visalia, Plaza Park features eight lighted courts which are designed for pickleball sessions. All of them are available until 10 in the evening, and daytime play during the weekdays starts by 8 am during both fall and winter and 7 am by summer. Meanwhile, they’re available during the weekends starting 8 am Saturday and 5 pm Sunday.

Pine Mountain Lake   

If you want to get a more outdoor feel while playing a game of pickleball, then you might want to consider Pine Mountain Park in Groveland. It features 6 dedicated pickleball ball courts and also comes with other amenities for a variety of sports such as an 18-hole championship golf course, stables, restaurant, and lounge.

That aside, the place is nestled within Tuolumne County’s natural landscape of oaks, mountains, and pines. It’s also close by the Yosemite National Park. Unfortunately, the courts are not open to the public. To play, you’ll have to be a guest of a resident there.

Pleasanton Middle School Gym

Designed for the residents of Pleasanton, the Pleasanton Gym can accommodate around 45 players within their indoor courts. There are several courts dedicated to pickleball, but you’ll also find courts for adult basketball and volleyball for high school and above students.

Power Play Center

The Power Play Center which is located at Hesperia features five different indoor courts for pickleball games. There’s Court-1 which is designated for beginners and Court-5 for advanced and veteran players. Meanwhile, Courts 2, 3, and 4 are designed for the “scrambles” format.

The center can accommodate an average of 40 players and have a $4 fee per person.


Featuring only a single outdoor court, Pickletown is available on a schedule-based first-come-first-serve basis. It’s a private court situated in the majestic Santa Cruz mountains. If you happen to pass by and want some high-level pickleball play, this place might be worth dropping by.

It’s free to play, meaning you can drop by anytime you want without paying anything. However, you’ll have to contact the owners, Terry and Karen Long, first if you want to drop by.

5 of the Best Web Hosting Providers in California

04/01/2019 - By Leo Melrose

Aside from a number of amazing stuff and activities you can do in California, it is also home to a number of high-quality and reliable web hosting providers. Therefore, if you decide to set up your own website for whatever purposes it may serve, it’s worth if you have a look at these 5 amazing hosting providers that are based in California:

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting, which is based in Los Angeles, California, comes with a lot of reliable and useful tools you can use for your website. Aside from that, they also offer web development and design services. What makes InMotion ideal if you want to open up an online business is its scalability, making the transition a lot easier.

That aside, they also work with PCI-compliant data servers and continually invest in newer technology to provide better hosting services.


GreenGeeks is the ultimate choice if you are committed to renewable energy and a green environment. That said, it would be a perfect choice if you want to start a gardening blog or just about any nature-related website.

According to them, they’re the cleanest hosting service you can find. Their services are also really affordable. For only $3.95 per month, you can enjoy unlimited space, free domain, email, and more. All these make GreenGeeks among the most hosting solutions you can find on the market.


Another LA-based service, DreamHost is an award-winning hosting service provider which lets you use .life, .online, .store, or .tech domains. They also have the Remixer, a website builder which is very easy to use and requires only a few minutes to help you build your own website.

Their services are also very affordable, and they even have an affiliate program which lets you earn cash rewards for each referral you have.


Arvixe is a fast-growing web hosting provider which is based in Santa Rosa, California. With their hosting packages, you can enjoy professional ASP .NET and Linux hosting along with unlimited email accounts and disk space.

They also boast of a 99.9% uptime, a 24/7 customer support, 45-days money back guarantee, and more. If you want a hosting service for your small business, or if you’re looking for a reliable hosting for your corporate website, then you might want to give it a try.

Little Oak

Little Oak is a family-owned and operated web hosting business located in California. Compared to the other hosting services on this list, this one’s more focused on offering hosting services for Mac users. Therefore, if you are in need of a Mac hosting, Little Oak would make for a really excellent option.

All of the hosting plans they offer are cloud-based. However, the prices are very affordable and are on par with the more affordable shared hosting plans by its competitors.

Final Thoughts

Are you planning to start your own website but don’t have any idea which hosting service to use? This list of the 5 best hosting services found within California might just be what you need. Choose one now!

Insurances – What are the Health Risks When You Play Darts?

03/01/2019 - By Leo Melrose

Darts is a game of throwing that involves tossing arrows to a circular board that is fixed on the wall. It is a popular sport in countries such as the UK, Scandinavia, Holland, and the USA. According to ElectronicDartBoardReviews.com, darts is a pub game. However, it has evolved into a sport with professional status and people started using darts reviews to find and buy best of them for home. For many years, it has been a highly competitive sport and this has enabled it to grow into an international game. The fact that it is easy to play makes it a popular sport for people of all ages.

Playing darts has many benefits, but did you know that it could also have some health risks? There are many risks that come about when playing the game of darts. With darts being a pub game, there is a high chance of players and other individuals tripping on the portable oche as they head to the washrooms or the bar. That is why it is an important rule that the oche is placed in a correct position in order to prevent players from impinging too close to the board. This also helps prevent players from tipping over as they move along.

The other risk includes darts falling out and bouncing off the board. This occasionally lands on the people playing the game or those nearest to the board. Darts can also bounce off after they have hit the board and fly at an unpredictable angle. Stray darts are dangerous as they can cause injuries to both players and bystanders who are watching the game. Crowds, horseplay, repetitive strain injuries, uneven stone floors, and intoxication are other factors that constitute dangerous risks in the game of darts.


Therefore, darts is not entirely a safe sport as players suffer a number of injuries each year. Some of the injuries that can be sustained when playing the game of darts include:

  • Damage to face, scalp, and chest
  • Eye injury when the dart hit directly in the area

If these injuries are complicated, they could lead to blindness, infections, and even tetanus.

It is, therefore, important to ensure that you have an insurance cover in place to guarantee your protection should an injury occur. An insurance cover is not only important for players but also for employees and other people in the premises. With the right insurance, dart players will not be forced to retire early due to injuries as the cost of their treatment is catered for.

Dart players who are not properly covered are likely to incur high medical bills. This can strain their earnings and result to a lengthy lay off or worse, early retirement. It is, therefore, vital that dart players do extensive research in order to find experienced and reliable insurance companies that will understand their needs.


Darts is, without a doubt, a risky game. It is for this reason that you need to be covered by reliable health insurance to ease your medical bill should you suffer an injury. This way, you can enjoy your favorite sport with peace of mind.

Cruising to the South Pacific – What to Wear

28/12/2018 - By Leo Melrose

Are you getting ready for your first ever cruise to the South Pacific? You’re surely filled with all the excitement and enthusiasm for your trip. You can wear a top class suit or a cheap t shirts and still be cool. But if you’re still undecided about what to wear for the cruise, read on to find out what you’ll need to include in your packing list.

Preparing on What to Wear on the Cruise

If this is your first time to go on a cruise to the South Pacific, you may not have an idea about what you should probably bring with you. To give you a hint, there will be formal dining nights where you’ll need to go for formal wear. Here are suggestions on what you should bring.

Clothing Style for the Cruise

When you go on a cruise to the South Pacific, you’ll definitely need to wear something casual, formal, and even dress-up costumes for theme nights.

Hanging out by the Pool

Who goes into a cruise without spending time by the pool? Now is the perfect time to wear your favorite swimsuit! Also, bring with you a matching sarong, a cute pair of flip-flops, and a wide-brimmed hat.

For Your Port Stops

Another part of the cruise is the port stops so you’ll need to wear walking shoes. You’ll surely think about taking a selfie during port stops. Make sure you are selfie-ready, so bring in your comfortable yet trendy sightseeing clothes.

For the Formal Nights

If there would be formal nights during your cruise trip, make sure to have something to wear formal. Usually, there are two formal nights for a seven to ten-night cruise.

If you’re a guy, you’ll have to bring t-shirts and ties, but it would also be a wise choice to bring a blue suit for the formal nights. This will give you a choice between dressing it up for formal nights and even dressing it down for casual nights at the cruise.

For girls, bringing some cocktail dresses will suit those formal nights in the cruise.

For Casual Nights

There are also casual nights on a cruise. Wearing a summery, smart casual attire will do for this kind of nights. Better bring your stylish maxi-dress with you and have a matching pair of strappy sandals to complete your look.

Themed Nights

Aside from formal and casual nights, there are also theme nights on the cruise. Usually, there would be Hawaiian and Western theme nights. Better to have with you an appropriate attire, so you’re ready to rock these themed nights. But, if you can’t find an appropriate attire in your closet, you can just find one from the ship’s gift shop.

Sitting Out on the Deck

It would be best to also include a cardigan or a wrap in your packing list. You may find it useful if you want to sit out on the deck with some new friends after sunset.

That’s it! We’ve already covered all the must-haves to bring for your cruise to the South Pacific. Remember everything that I shared with you to save you from any clothing troubles during your cruise!

Top Websites With Tennis Guest Blog Posts

27/12/2018 - By Leo Melrose

As a beginner at tennis, you naturally want to improve your skills. To improve, you’d most likely work out and get fit to be able to function more effectively during your game. You’d also want to practice a lot to get the hang of the sport. Aside from training and constant practice on the court though, there are other ways suggested by https://www.bigguestposting.com/ for you to improve your tennis games, and that is through research.

Doing constant research and reading informative articles about tennis will help a lot in your endeavor. Writing articles and guest posting on websites about your tennis experience will also help sharpen your understanding of the sport. This article presents the top websites with tennis guest blog posts for you to check. You can either read one of their tennis related guest blog posts or write one yourself.


This website is a major source for the newest and biggest news from men’s professional tennis and the ATP World Tour. It features information about tennis news, tournaments, players, scores, ranking, and stats. It also shares tennis game highlights and a lot more.


Tennis-X provides tennis fans with a look into the world of ATP and WTA tennis. It constantly posts the latest tennis information such as daily or weekly news, ranking, and results.


Tennishead.net provides readers with the most recent tennis news, stats, scores, and even products. It also shares exclusive feature and tennis related interviews. Plus, it also provides in-depth equipment reviews


If you want to get the latest tennis news, blog posts, and forum discussions, you might want to join in the Tennis Now community. The community will help you interact with tennis enthusiasts, players, and coaches near you.


SBNation is one of today’s most notorious online sports media brand that consists of some of the biggest sports sites that cover NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, College Basketball and Football, soccer, and martial arts. You can also get reliable tennis news from this site.


With over 2,500 women players representing 92 countries for the prize money of $130 million, Women’s Tennis Association is considered the global leader in women’s professional sport. Hailed as the home of tennis for women, wtatennis.com provides updates of WTA news, scores, and rankings.


The Universal Tennis Rating system offers a common scale for tennis players worldwide to determine their level of tennis play. The system’s 16-level scale, which starts from beginners to world-class professionals, can accurately determine a player’s ratings according to the actual match results.


If you want to find a platform where you could both read daily tennis updates, news, views, and reviews and browse commentary and analysis by tennis experts and world-class professionals, this website could be what you’re looking for.


This blog is managed by Jeff Sackmann. Sackmann specializes in making in-depth tennis analytics. The blog contains ATP and WTA results, splits, and analysis.

As you do your research, you will realize just how many tennis focused websites and blogs you can explore to learn more about the sport. If you want to apply what you have learned, practice on the field or do guest posting on websites and put your learning to words.

Best Fitness Trackers for Tennis

26/12/2018 - By Leo Melrose

If you are a tennis player or simply someone who really likes tennis, then you might be interested in the existence of various tennis techs out there. With the existence of fitness trackers, tennis players can now keep track of their fitness with fitness tracker. Meanwhile, players who want to make improvements in their game can use dedicated tennis wearables. With these tennis techs and tracking devices for fitness, they can have real-time information about the pace of their workout. In this article, we’ve compiled some of the best fitness trackers for tennis players.

Babolat Play

After presenting a better version of Play Pure Drive, Babolat is now offering three versions of connected rackets to be included in your choice. These three versions have their own differences when it comes to the racket’s profile. However, Pure Drive Lite, Aero and Pure Drive are offering the same smart technology.

With these techs, you can now have information about the real-time serves, volleys, longest rally, and even forehand or backhand recognition. The recorded stats will be sent to the connected Android or iOS devices showing data presented on colorful graphs.

Zepp Tennis Kit

If you don’t have enough money to buy Babolat rackets, then use your own but attach this Zepp Bluetooth sensor on its end. Zepp tennis kit is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It is completely capable of measuring a lot of information which includes sweet spot, spin, power, shot type and the time on court as well. It also has this unique feature that enables it to display a 3D real-time analysis of the stroke you made which is viewable from different angles.


This unique and innovative tennis coaching system is originally designed to be used for clubs—unless you purchased it for your own private court. This technology is a responsive after-action review system that utilizes four automated cameras in order to give feedback footage which can cover the techniques used by the player.

Pulse Play

Pulse Play is a smartwatch originally designed for tennis players who can keep your scores and make you in touch with other players. With this device, you can easily keep an eye of your score mid-game with just a single touch, and it can also announce it using the voice of Elvis Presley or Homer Simpson. This doesn’t have anything to do with your heart rate though, but it makes it an even better device dedicated to tennis players.

Do You Need One Now?

With the existence of tennis techs, you can say that playing tennis is not the same as before anymore. However, with these gadgets, you can make your game even better and improve your strategy as a tennis player. There are probably more gadgets and devices to come, with more improvements and uses which could be beneficial but also distractive to many players. Before making a purchase, make sure that the device suits the way you play and can help improve your game more than ever.

Cannabis Deliveries Are Expected to Be Legal in Indian Wells

24/12/2018 - By Leo Melrose

The legalization of recreational marijuana has been favored by the majority of Californians since November 8th 2016, and on January 1st of 2018, legal adults can purchase marijuana from retailers for personal use. However, some cities are still against its legalization such as the community in Indian Wells which is located in the Coachella Valley in Southern California. They are concerned that they will lose their “local control” as the California Bureau of Cannabis Control is set out in making permanent rules about the distribution of cannabis in the state.

By the end of the year, companies will have stricter advertising rules, and the expected deliveries of cannabis product will take effect, regardless of the county or city rules. This would also include deliveries of potent edibles and other cannabis-related products such as CBD oil, CBD cream, and oil extracts.  

The legalization of cannabis products is Indian Well’s biggest fear as the majority of the citizens in the city are older people. However, the legalization of cannabis deliveries would actually benefit them, as it is proven that cannabis has a lot of medical benefits such as treating diseases that affect the immune system, pain, inflammation, seizures, sleeping problems, and mental disorders.

Some citizens voice their concern about the permanent rules that will take effect such as David Gassaway, the Indian Wells community development director. He said that the rule is an “override of the will of the voters and an affront to local control”. He also said that “the proposition to legalize marijuana was approved by the Californian voters with the intent of local control but the Bureau is contradicting that”. Gassaway also added that if the deliveries of cannabis are allowed, he is expecting that it might put a strain on police services, but he also said that it probably won’t impact much. Losing local control is still his biggest concern.

However, he also said that “It is more of a principal thing, at the end of the day”.  He also added that “The rule of the voters is being overshadowed by the bureaucracy making up rules. It’s like saying that someone in Sacramento is telling the cities all over the state to allow delivery of cannabis even if they did not actually allow that. The people will have the greatest voice in the local government. We should be honoring the community’s want and need as much as possible”. Despite all of that, it is much less of a concern somewhere else in the Coachella Valley.

While La Quinta’s assistant city manager Gil Villalpando has said that he does not believe that the rules won’t impact the city’s regulation. However, the proposed changes will be reviewed, and any changes made will be presented to the city’s council.

Whether the proposed rule will be implemented or not, it is just a matter of time before cannabis delivery will be legal in Indian Wells. After all, this is the same city that spent a huge amount of money over some fig trees that were obscuring a woman’s view.

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