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Meal Replacement Bars: Good or Bad?

12/11/2021 - By Leo Melrose

Americans are always on the go. Between work and home life, who has time to eat healthy? A good diet requires planning, right? Not for some. People are finding their answer in tiny little packages and cans filled with promises of weight-loss, energy boosts and "all the vitamins and minerals you need." Go into any grocery store, drug store or even a convenient store and you'll find a large selection of meal replacement bars and drinks. Some of the industry leaders checked it and some of their thoughts on it their thoughts on it are. They're portable, convenient and they offer a relatively cost-efficient way of replacing a high-fat, high-carb meal with a low-fat, low-to moderate carbohydrate meal. But are they a healthy answer to weight-loss and a time and energy crunch? Read on the find out.

Opting for a "meal in a can" in moderation won't hurt, but making a habit out of it will. Liquid meal replacements were originally developed to meet the nutritional needs of people too sick or weak to eat. Sound like you? Probably not. Manufacturers have discovered a new market to pitch these products to - people looking for a quick fix or an energy boost between meals. While some of these products do contain vitamins and minerals, regular use doesn't provide all the benefits of a varied diet.

Energy bars are packed with carbs (sugar and starches) that provide the body with quick energy. The added vitamins and minerals don't provide the body with energy and have no value if you're already eating a healthy diet. Many people think eating a "bar" in the place of a meal with help them lose weight. The thing to remember is this: they still contain fat, sugar, calories and carbs. They won't provide nearly as much substance as a regular meal would. They simply don't keep you from eating more than you normally would.

Because MRB's lack the health-protecting factors your body needs, it's best to use them as a last resort. If it's the choice between a Butterfinger and a Balance bar, by all means grab the Balance bar! If it's either the fudge brownie or the slim fast shake, drink the shake! But if you can help it, skip all of it and grab some real food. There's no evidence that MRB's can do more for you than carbohydrate rich foods like cereals, breads and other grain products and fruits and vegetables.

Here are a few things you can eat on the run that provide the vitamins, minerals and energy you need, naturally.

  • Vegetables and Fruit
  • Bananas, apples and other fresh fruits • Carrots, green peppers, cherry tomatoes or other raw vegetables • Snack size fruit cups or apple sauce
  • Dried fruits • Tetra pack fruit juices
  • Grain products
  • Raisin Bread • Whole grain bagels, crackers or pita wedges • Raisin bran other mini muffins • Single serve box cereals • Rice cakes
  • Milk products and other alternatives
  • Skim or 1% milk • Low-fat flavored milks • Fruit yogurt (2% or less) • Cheese cubes (20% fat or less) • Hard boiled eggs • Peanut Butter and crackers or stuffed in celery • Trail mix (nuts, seeds, cereal, dried fruit) • Roasted soy beans or chick peas • Gingersnap, arrowroot or fig newton cookies

Remember; keep whole food consumption high and meal replacement use low. You'll look better, you'll feel better and you'll be healthier!

How to buy a good mattress

17/07/2021 - By Leo Melrose
buy a good mattress

If you are looking for a twin mattress a twin mattress that you will be sleeping on every night, you will want to make sure that it has over 600 coils in a queen size. Anything under 600 will start to sag anywhere from one to three years. Most beds over 600 coils have 5-10 year warranties and will be replaced by the manufacturer if they start to sag by an inch and a half or if a coil pops. You should always replace the boxspring and the mattress at the same time. If you don't replace the boxspring, the current one might not be sturdy enough to support it. Plus warranties require the matching boxspring.

he next step will be to visit a store that is reputable and well known. The larger the company, the better buying power they have and the better the prices are.  Also ask them if they have a trial period. If you are spending a lot of money on a bed, it's nice to know you can exchange it if it is uncomfortable.

Plan on spending over $700 for a bed that will not sag within the next couple of years. All of the ads that you see on television boasting about $99 mattresses are for horrible ones. Plan to  spend over $1000 for a bed with great foam. The better the foam, the longer the comfort of the mattress. If you can afford to, buy a bed with some type of memory foam or latex. If you are worried about latex, understand that most allergies are caused by natural latex and not man-made.

*  Get yourself a waterproof mattress protector to save your warranty. Manufacturers will not honor a warranty with any kind of stains on the mattress.
*  Spend as much as your budget allows to get the most comfortable mattress that you can afford. Ask about interest free financing. You spend 2/3 of your life in bed and it's worth getting a better nights sleep.

*  You should ask lots of questions and if your salesperson seems confused, make sure you shop around. Ask about the coil counts, warranty, foams, and trial period information. Good luck and shop wisely!

Therapeutic Mattresses

27/06/2021 - By Leo Melrose

Therapeutic hybrid mattress hybrid mattress are necessary for people who must spend much of their time in bed. Whether the reason is chronic illness or some other condition, it's absolutely essential that the mattress contribute to that individual's well being. Musculoskeletal health is important to everyone, no matter what one's health status. Everybody should be sleeping in a mattress that supports the human frame and doesn't put it in stress and tension-producing positions.

Yet often times, mattresses, even new ones, can cause additional health problems--from spinal column stress due to inadequate support, to health problems caused by toxins contained in the mattress. Commercial mattresses are routinely manufactured with many synthetic materials that can be toxic to the human respiratory and immune systems. If you're experiencing a chronic illness, recovering from illness, or have a compromised immune system, the last thing you need is a mattress that may be comfortable but bad for your immune or respiratory health.

Options in Therapeutic Mattresses

This is why it pays to be vigilant when checking out therapeutic mattresses, which are typically designed from foam-based materials and not coil springs and fiber. Foam mattresses are composed of cells, sometimes called "memory foam," that move to accommodate your body's weight and preserve correct musculoskeletal alignment. This material works very well and is popular among consumers.

However, if you're looking for a natural alternative to synthetic foam, consider organic latex therapeutic mattresses that contain no chemical additives. Adjustable therapeutic beds are another option to consider, allowing you to relieve pressure on various parts of the body by raising either end of the bed by just a few degrees, or up to full upright position. Since adjustability is a factor of the bed frame, this option is compatible with either synthetic foam or latex mattresses.

Artist Paint Brushes: Quick Guide to Buying and Using

08/06/2021 - By Leo Melrose

Brush up your artistic knowledge. If you're just as overwhelmed by the number of artist paint brush types as you are by the rainbow hues of acrylic and oil paints, then you need to go back to the trim paint trim paint basics. Artist paint brushes can be pricey, and if you're going to spend a hefty chunk of change on one, make sure it's the right shape and made of the right material.

Artist Paint Brushes: Quick Guide to Buying and Using

Size Matters: Short or Long Handle?

When you browse the artist paint brushes in their neatly divided shelves you will notice some have short handles and others have long ones. It's too good to have of both when you first start painting, to see which ones suit your painting style.

If you're an expressive painter, like Vincent Van Gogh (I know, you wish you were, don't we all, a long-handled brush will allow you a wider sweep of the brush. These also work for painting on an easel and painting with a bit o distance between you and the canvas.

The short-handled brush will be your best friend when you peer closely at the canvas and work up the details in your painting. When you use a short-handled brush, you'll be painting in "close up" and you can zoom out with long-handled brush.

Are They Real? Synthetic vs. Natural

Synthetic artist paint brushes take the top spot for acrylic painting. They don't absorb water and they hold up well to the thick, quick-drying acrylic paint. Synthetic brushes also maintain their shape better than natural brushes and they tend to be cheaper.

Natural artist paint brushes are a great choice for oil painting, especially bristle brushes. Sable brushes are natural and expensive. They make a great gift.

Artist Paint Brushes Come in All Shapes

A fan brush is the most appealing to young artists, simply because it looks like it can do cool things on canvas. Use a fan brush for blending paint colors.

The bright artist paint brush's flat edge makes it ideal to use with heavy paint.

The flat artist paint brush has long bristles and a flat edge used for blending and smoothing. They are great for detail work.

A filbert is not a nut, it is a paint brush with a slightly rounded edge.

A liner brush is exactly what it sounds like: it's used to make precise lines.

The round brush is a bit of a misnomer because when you buy it new the tip is pointy. They are the workhorse of artist paint brushes and can be used for both detail work and for pushing heavy paint around. Use the round brushes to match your canvas size. Buy a set for a variety of tips.

Technologies making Basketball Shoes Safer and More Effective

13/01/2021 - By Leo Melrose

Basketball is a popular sport because of best basketball shoes that not only helps athletes keep fit but also earn a living. It requires a light, comfortable shoe since it involves running around in the pitch. Alongside comfort, safety is paramount to keep the athletes safe and accident-proof. Therefore, it is advisable to examine basketball shoes for comfort and safety before purchasing them. Over the years, shoe-makers have adopted various technologies to make safe and comfortable shoes for basketballers. They include:

  • Pro-moderator Technology

You require a lightweight shoe that will not weigh your feet down while playing basketball. Lightweight shoes will also enable you to run around the court and get the ball fast. Additionally, your feet remain comfortable throughout the game. Pro-moderator technology uses a thermoplastic urethane material to provide support for the midsole. The material has a 1.55-mm thickness that gives the shoe a lower density and weight, making it comfortable and effective.

  • AdiTuff Technology 

It would help if you also were vigilant not to hurt yourself while playing basketball. Remember, you will not be in a position to play effectively while in pain. Choosing a safe shoe will go a long way in keeping you safe on the basketball court. AdiTuff technology uses a tough material that resists abrasion. It also absorbs shock, protecting your toes against impact and consequent pain. 

  • Adiwear Technology

While playing basketball, you need an optimal balance to avoid falling and hurting yourself. Adiwear technology uses a durable, anti-abrasion material. It prevents the shoe from wear around the heel area. It, therefore, protects your heel against getting hurt. You will also wear your shoe for a long time since this technology makes them abrasion and wear-resistant.

  • Formotion Technology

A comfortable basketball player is an effective scorer. Formotion technology shapes shoes to conform to the shape of your foot. Your foot fits perfectly into the shoe and moves freely inside. Consequently, you achieve comfort, allowing you to enjoy and score more.

  • a3 Technology

Energy management system(a3) technology cushions the midsole and shoe control system. The construction enables shock-absorption, protecting your entire foot against impact. It also keeps your feet comfortable for a more immersive game time. 

  • ClimaLite Technology

Every sport involves sweating. The sweat can cause discomfort when it stays on the skin surface. You, therefore, need a basketball shoe that can absorb sweat. Such a shoe will leave your feet dry and comfortable. ClimaLite technology uses a sweat-wicking fabric. The fabric pulls sweat from the skin surface to the outer fabric, allowing evaporation. 

The primary essence of playing basketball is keeping fit, enjoying, and scoring. You will, however, not achieve these objectives in uncomfortable shoes. It would help if you bought comfortable and safe shoes for the best experience. With the rising basketball popularity, players look for the most comfortable and safe shoes in the market. You will find numerous shoes from various designers, but not all will be best for basketball. However, shoe designers have incorporated the above technologies to provide you with safe, comfortable shoes. 

Differences between Ping pong and Table Tennis You Should Know

08/01/2021 - By Leo Melrose

The names ping pong and table tennis are often used synonymously. But is really ping pong the same sport as table tennis? or which one can be played at a cheaper price?

To have a clearer answer to the question, let’s take a look at the history of both sports.

According to the explanation in the International Table Tennis Federation’s (ITTF) website, table tennis emerged in 1887 and started to gain popularity in the 1890s. It was actually called with various names. Then in 1926, IFFT trademarked the name Table Tennis.

Now, let’s talk about ping pong. The use of the name ping pong was actually encouraged by John Jaques and Son, and it belonged to them. They trademarked it in 1901, and later they sold it to Parker Brothers.

In general, the main difference between ping pong and table tennis is that ping pong is more casual compared to table tennis. Ping pong is usually played in a social and informal way. When people say “let’s play ping pong”, it is often used for recreational purposes. However, even though ping pong is not really a competitive sport, there is a World Championship of Ping Pong held in London by Match Room enterprise.

Table tennis is usually played in a more competitive way. It has a faster playing speed and the players are usually dedicated to the game. Table tennis also has a professional championship called “World Table Tennis Championship”, which is organized by ITTF. To know what are other differences exist between two sports, let’s dig deeper into it.

  • Equipment

Ping pong is much simpler to play in terms of equipment. In ping pong, there is only one sandpaper bat to play. While table tennis has many more kinds. It has many kinds of blades (the wooden part of the bat) and also many kinds of rubbers (the rubber parts of the bat that come into contact with the ball). The bat in table tennis is officially called a “racket”. The different equipment results in different playing styles and speed between the sports. Other equipment, such as Ping Pong Tables and the net are exactly the same.

  • Scoring

Ping pong and table tennis also have a different scoring format. In ping pong, you play 15 points best of three. While in table tennis you play best of 11 points in seven games. To end the games, the score must have at least 2 points difference with the final score at 15 (if the score reaches 15-14 the game ends).

  • Playing technique

In playing ping pong, the pace of the game is a bit slower and a player can choose between playing defensive or offensive whenever he wants. On the other hand, table tennis is fast-paced and usually, in a game, a player sticks to one playing style, offensive or defensive. If a player plays offensively then he should play very aggressively hitting his opponent with drives, spins, and smashes. On the contrary, a defensive player must be very careful and be patient in taking the hits.

So, are ping pong and table tennis two different sports? Yes, they are! They are different in terms of playing style, equipment, scoring, game speed, and playing technique. Anyway, without a deeper knowledge of the two games, every time there’s a game using a ball, bats, net, and Ping Pong Tables, people will never argue whether it is a ping pong or a tennis table game.

Underwater Thrills That are Alternatives to Scuba Diving

25/12/2020 - By Leo Melrose

A huge part of the earth is mostly covered by water. According to StartScubaDiving.com Beneath the earth, the world is absolutely jaw-stopping and an excellent place to visit if you want to have an up-close experience with jellyfish, whales, and other amazing wildlife. 

One way to do this is by scuba diving. However, scuba diving, however, requires extensive training, certification, and equipment that are expensive. Luckily, with the advancement in technology, it is possible to enjoy breathtaking marine life without requiring you to learn to scubadive. 

This list of underwater thrills is perfect for anyone who wants to get in the water, spin and twirl comfortably and still get to meet the spectacular marine world:

Snorkel Using the Water Ninja Mask

This mask lets you breathe without problems, as you look at the floor of the sea. It does not get foggy or have breathing tubes that are as awkward as those used in snorkeling.

The famous manufacturers are based in Hawaii. Their technology has revolutionized the marine experience because it allows people to have a completely dry top. This means that water does not enter the air tube even during diving. The anti-fog system installed reduces fog by 90%. 

Snuba Diving

Snuba diving is another way to experience the underwater experience. It allows users to remain under the water without dealing with complicated and bulky equipment as is the case with scuba diving. It has a regulator and hose that is lengthy and connects to a supply of air, which floats on a raft. Swimmers can move around freely and dive as deeply as 15 feet below the water.

Submersible Scooter

Made with breathing observation technology, the submersible scooter allows you to enjoy being underwater without learning how to swim. The best this about this self-propelled bike is that it is completely motorized and can cruise about 8 feet below water. There is a transparent dome that you can rest your shoulders and head, which allows breathability.  

Under Restaurants

Norway, Maldives, and Tanzania have restaurants under the sea. These undersea restaurants are a good choice if you want to stay dry.

Norway’s restaurant is 18 feet under the sea. The head chef, Nicolai Ellitsgaard, features dishes that are seafood-themed and Norwegian. The Norwegian restaurant forms a reef that extends underwater.

On the other hand, the restaurant in the Maldives in Hurawalhí Resort has a curved roof with clear panoramic views of the Ocean. Visitors are entertained with corals, fish, parrotfish, and stingrays swimming overhead. The menu includes smoked lobster, mousse from sea urchin, seared scallops, and more.

Tanzania’s Manta Resort in Pemba Island has an oasis that floats. The romantic roof-deck is for stargazing and sunbathing, during the night and day. The night’s spotlight attracts octopuses, squids, and sea slugs.


Thanks to new diving technology, you can have an exceptional underwater experience whether you want to remain dry below the surface or get wet. You can choose any of the above activities to visit the home of sea creatures without necessarily scuba diving.

Heads Up! Skateboarding Could Be the Next Olympic Entry

10/12/2020 - By Leo Melrose

Skateboarding is an action sport and extreme activity that requires greater physical exertion and involves greater risks than regular sports so choosing longboard wheels is very important. Nonetheless, it’s wildly entertaining, especially when done by pros who impressively leap high off the ground while doing flips and tricks. So yes, in case you’re still in doubt, skateboarding is a sport.

This extreme sport is gaining a lot of attention because of how much skill it demands and the sheer display of a human body’s flexibility, agility, and talent. Recently, it’s becoming a popular choice to be included in the Olympics.

The Active Skateboarders

Millions of people dig skateboarding. It is estimated that there are over 20 million active skateboarders worldwide who gain awe-struck fans each year.

If the numbers keep going up, skateboarding will become as popular as basketball, baseball, and tennis that already have billions of cheering crowds around the world.

Skateboarding wows the audience with its action-packed and competitive exhibitions that gets the adrenaline going. Hence, it won’t be a surprise if this sport eventually makes it to the Olympics. In fact, the inclusion of skateboarding and other action sports (e.g. surfing and sport climbing) in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games was discussed the previous year.

That one factor: Cost

Sports are evaluated against certain factors, and one of them the cost that beginners incur.

Sports require certain equipment that come with significant costs. Baseball, for example, requires a bat, gloves, balls, a batting or catcher’s helmet, some cleats, uniforms, etc. Quite a lot, right? Sports gear also don’t cost the same. The pricing can vary according to the quality and brand.

The same goes for skateboarding. While some sport gears are needed, only the board is used to perform the sport. The rest are only for protection to help reduce impact and injury in case of a mishap. Hence, it is a much cheaper sport for beginners compared to other sports like baseball.

However, one must make sure that the skateboard is high-quality so that performance and safety are not compromised. Here are some pointers to consider:

  • The deck should be thin and made of either maple wood or bamboo so that it’s light, flexible, and durable- perfect for tricks.
  • The shape should be a slightly “U”.
  • The material of the skateboard wheels should be polyurethane with little to no additives.
  • The bearings should spin easily and smoothly.
  • The trucks should be proportional to the deck.
  • Check for the quality of the grip tape.
  • Avoid skateboards with fillers because they break easily while those made of cheap wood can be too heavy.

For beginners, buying branded skateboards is the safest way to go. The price of a good skateboard can range from $120 to $170, which isn’t so bad. To ensure adequate protection, beginners are also advised to purchase a helmet, wrist guards, knee & elbow pads, high-quality close-toe shoes, and shatter-proof goggles. All in all, they should cost less than $100.


It is only a matter of time before skateboarding makes it to the Olympics and become a major sport. The truth is that it may take years for it to be as famous as baseball or football. However, it gives thrill and excitement and showcases jaw-dropping tricks that can entertain a crowd of millions.

Care Guidelines for Tennis Elbow

03/09/2020 - By Leo Melrose

Tennis elbow is the discomfort felt on the outer part of your elbow. The experts published here is a tremendously helpful article about tennis elbow and the options available to get rid of it. The pain occurs as the tendon is stretched and is aggravated by the repetitive elbow, wrist, and forearm twisting. A tendon is a hard tissue that attaches a muscle to a bone. This injury is normal in people who play tennis. But from other tasks that use the same muscles as tennis, it is possible to feel this soreness, too. Examples of these tasks include painting, using tools, and gardening.

How To Treat Tennis Elbow At Home

You can normally recover tennis elbow at home with ample rest and care. Here are simple steps on how you can treat the soreness at home.

  • Rest your hands, wrist, and forearms. As much as possible, stop or reduce any task that will cause pain to your elbow. A few weeks or a month worths of rest is needed to fully heal the pain. You can also consult your doctor and follow the instructions on how long you should take a rest`.
  • For three days, try to put ice or a cold pack on the sore part of your elbow for 10 to 20 minutes. Do this after every 1 or 2 hours. Place a thin cloth between your skin and the ice. After the first 3 days, you should try using a hot compress or alternating heat and ice.
  • If you have been given a brace or a splint by your doctor, use it as instructed. A "counterforce", a band around your forearm, to be worn just below the elbow. This can ease the tendon pressure and distribute force throughout your arm.
  • To further minimize swelling, prop up your elbow on pillows.
  • Follow the instructions for exercise given to you by your doctor or physiotherapist.
  • Slowly, turn back to your normal routine.
  • Try avoiding the problem. Learn how to better practice your sport to avoid soreness again. For example, make sure that you are using the best grip on your tennis racquet.
  • If your elbow pain is caused by something you do at work, think about telling your boss about new ways of doing your job.
  • Be careful on medicinal substances. Read all the label directions, and follow them.

o          Take it as prescribed, if the doctor has given you a prescription drug for pain.

o          If you are not taking a pain reliever by prescription, ask your doctor if you should take an over-the-counter drug.

  • Call your doctor or nurse or seek medical attention urgently if:

o          You’re suffering more pains.

o          Your hand or arm is either dark or light or it changes color.

o          Your hand and fingers have tingling, weakness, or numbness.

o          You can't normally bend your elbow.

Follow-up care is an important part of your health and your protection. Be sure to go to all appointments, and contact your physician or nurse call line if you have further issues. Knowing your test results and keeping a list of the drugs that you are taking is also a smart idea.

Carefully observe changes in your health, and contact your physician or nurse call line if your elbow pain gives you trouble at work or if after 2 weeks, the suffering isn't any better.

Cruising to the South Pacific – What to Wear

28/12/2018 - By Leo Melrose

Are you getting ready for your first ever cruise to the South Pacific? You’re surely filled with all the excitement and enthusiasm for your trip. You can wear a top class suit or a cheap t shirts and still be cool. But if you’re still undecided about what to wear for the cruise, read on to find out what you’ll need to include in your packing list.

Preparing on What to Wear on the Cruise

If this is your first time to go on a cruise to the South Pacific, you may not have an idea about what you should probably bring with you. To give you a hint, there will be formal dining nights where you’ll need to go for formal wear. Here are suggestions on what you should bring.

Clothing Style for the Cruise

When you go on a cruise to the South Pacific, you’ll definitely need to wear something casual, formal, and even dress-up costumes for theme nights.

Hanging out by the Pool

Who goes into a cruise without spending time by the pool? Now is the perfect time to wear your favorite swimsuit! Also, bring with you a matching sarong, a cute pair of flip-flops, and a wide-brimmed hat.

For Your Port Stops

Another part of the cruise is the port stops so you’ll need to wear walking shoes. You’ll surely think about taking a selfie during port stops. Make sure you are selfie-ready, so bring in your comfortable yet trendy sightseeing clothes.

For the Formal Nights

If there would be formal nights during your cruise trip, make sure to have something to wear formal. Usually, there are two formal nights for a seven to ten-night cruise.

If you’re a guy, you’ll have to bring t-shirts and ties, but it would also be a wise choice to bring a blue suit for the formal nights. This will give you a choice between dressing it up for formal nights and even dressing it down for casual nights at the cruise.

For girls, bringing some cocktail dresses will suit those formal nights in the cruise.

For Casual Nights

There are also casual nights on a cruise. Wearing a summery, smart casual attire will do for this kind of nights. Better bring your stylish maxi-dress with you and have a matching pair of strappy sandals to complete your look.

Themed Nights

Aside from formal and casual nights, there are also theme nights on the cruise. Usually, there would be Hawaiian and Western theme nights. Better to have with you an appropriate attire, so you’re ready to rock these themed nights. But, if you can’t find an appropriate attire in your closet, you can just find one from the ship’s gift shop.

Sitting Out on the Deck

It would be best to also include a cardigan or a wrap in your packing list. You may find it useful if you want to sit out on the deck with some new friends after sunset.

That’s it! We’ve already covered all the must-haves to bring for your cruise to the South Pacific. Remember everything that I shared with you to save you from any clothing troubles during your cruise!

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